Scary Hospital Horror Game Game Free Download Torrent Scary Hospital Horror Game — is a horror game for PC, which traditionally sends gamers to a closed building awash with various dangers. The protagonist, for certain reasons, ends up in a psychiatric hospital, where a good doctor decides that the character will be better in another institution. Having refused there, ourContinue Reading

Rise of Industry 2130 Game Free Download Torrent Rise of Industry 2130 — 2130 year. You need to create new and technological production lines where goods will be produced that are in high demand in this desolate and gloomy world. Get useful resources from the ruins of cities to rebuild your industrial empire in this apocalyptic future. Rise of Industry —Continue Reading

Kageroh Shadow Corridor Game Free Download Torrent Kageroh Shadow Corridor — is a very difficult horror quest in its essence, in which you will have to go to an eerie and gloomy place where you will be in danger, Evil in its unusual appearance, a sea of interesting riddles and not only. But first of all it would be worth mentioning that the plot of the gameContinue Reading

Just Drift It Game Free Download Torrent Just Drift It — racing game with elements of sport, exclusively for the true connoisseurs of drift competitions, tight turns and tuning. Before you is a great racing game about drifting, where the player will have the opportunity to drive one of the proposed cars. Before the race, youContinue Reading

Candleman The Complete Journey Game Free Download Torrent A small candle can burn for 10 seconds to find a way out of the darkness in search of light. Candleman The Complete Journey is an adventure quest with a unique gameplay and storyline. The player plays the role of a candle that can only burn for 10 seconds, find a way outContinue Reading

Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire Game Free Download Torrent Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire — a new project from the studio Love in Space, is an economic simulator on the novel of the same name. In the role of Producer, you have to take the reins of government over the Radiance Agency, starting with moving to a new office and ending withContinue Reading

Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire Game Free Download Torrent Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire — a new project from the studio Love in Space, is an economic simulator on the novel of the same name. In the role of Producer, you have to take the reins of government over the Radiance Agency, starting with moving to a new office and ending withContinue Reading

Active Neurons 2 Game Free Download Torrent Active Neurons 2 — in the game you have to control a square that must collect neurons so that you can discover important inventions, a wheel, writing, and so on. To discover these inventions, you will need to go through a series of levels in which this same square will slide from obstacle to obstacle. ButContinue Reading

Annie Last Hope Game Free Download Torrent Annie Last Hope — an awesome role-playing game about the girl Annie, on whose shoulders a difficult mission fell, to save all of humanity, because she is now the last hope. By and large, this is a classic shooter with a top view, which in turn allows the player to see more and further thanContinue Reading

Youtubers Life Game Free Download Torrent Youtubers Life is not just a game, but a real and first of its kind business simulator in which you can become a real «youtube» and start making money on personally shot videos. Indeed, in this game, the simulation of online business is thought out to the smallest detail. First, you, as an ordinary child, who livedContinue Reading

Remnant From the Ashes Swamps of Corsus Game Free Download Torrent Swamps of Corsus will add to the game four dungeons and several new types of enemies, as well as bosses, fifty types of armor and three types of weapons. Plus survival mode in it, players begin the passage with a single life. Soulslike shooter Remnant From the AshesContinue Reading

Age of Empires Game Free Download Torrent Age of Empires Definitive Edition is a reissue of the cult historical strategy in real time from Microsoft Studios, which in October 2017 will just celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The new edition completely redrawn all the sprites, and although the game remained two-dimensional, it looks more than acceptable even forContinue Reading

Dunk Lords Game Free Download Torrent Dunk Lords — choose one of 16 basketball players, each of which has unique special attacks and abilities, and fight in various playgrounds. Use special movements, destructive slam dunk and game equipment. Do you have everything you need to become a true Lord of the Danks. Is an arcade sports game from StoryContinue Reading

Battle Royale Trainer Game Free Download Torrent Do you play PUBG? Do you often die in hot skirmishes? Tired most of the time in the game loot and immediately die in a gunfight? Do you want to quickly improve your skills? If so, then the game «Battle Royale Trainer» is specially for you. Although she is imprisoned for training games in PUBG, butContinue Reading

Last Regiment Game Free Download Torrent Last Regiment — if you have long wanted to demonstrate soy skills of careful planning and strategic control, then you are advised to use our next offer. It is unique and extremely interesting, as it offers to use the next powers in the form of a commander of an entire army. You have to go to conquer a completely new and unknownContinue Reading

Skin Witch Game Free Download Torrent Skin Witch — is a very atmospheric first-person survival game in which you have to try to survive by solving the mystery of a creepy creature and trying to get out of the trap. The events of the game begin to occur when the protagonist is trapped in the depths of an old abandoned mine. Once terrible events took placeContinue Reading

Fires At Midnight Game Free Download Torrent Fires At Midnight — is a visual novel game developed by Persona Theory Games for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to various categories of casual game, indication, adventure, meat, violence, nudity, sexual content, non-linearity, the game has a deep plot, the cinematic atmosphere will allow the player to relaxContinue Reading

Half-Life Alyx Final Hours Game Free Download Torrent Half-Life Alyx Final Hours — was the first ever AAA-quality game for virtual reality devices, which you can enjoy playing on your PC only with the help of the appropriate device, namely the Steam VR helmet and related gadgets. The plot before us is a spin-off, the events of whichContinue Reading

Mr. Driller DrillLand Game Free Download Torrent Popular puzzle game Mr. Driller DrillLand — will debut on PC. Embark on a secret amusement park known as DrillLand, 500 meters underground. Explore and conquer five attractions with a simple but addictive gameplay that guests of all ages can enjoy. And the rest is Mr. Driller DrillLand is a typical actionContinue Reading

T.A.R.S Game Free Download Torrent T.A.R.S — is a rather complex shooter with a third-person perspective, in the conditions of constant danger and unexpected moments, with a limited amount of resources and a minimal understanding of what awaits you next. According to the plot of the game, in the yard in 2051, this is the near future, the moment when most of humanity was infected withContinue Reading