HASTE Game Free Download Torrent HASTE — is a real-time card game. Unlike turn-based games, Haste is action-oriented, so you need to think fast to make informed decisions. Choose from 9 heroes to assemble your team. Each character has their own unique set of skills and plays an important role. Choose a team wisely and change the style of play, butContinue Reading

Automobilista 2 Racin USA Game Free Download Torrent Automobilista 2 Racin USA — is a realistic racing simulator in which you can ride on the most famous tracks on the coolest cars, take part in the Brazilian championship, and become a champion. And first of all it would be worth saying that in this game you will find much cooler graphics.Continue Reading

SUPER BOT Game Free Download Torrent Take part in the adventures of SUPER BOT, a third-person action adventure. The main character is a cute robot who, due to the domination of the industrial planet of vile beetles, goes into battle to regain energy and save his friends. Along the way you will chase worms, discover the secrets of the industrialContinue Reading

Another Eye Game Free Download Torrent Another Eye — this is a survival adventure in which you will pass through dark corridors, where you will be pursued by creatures that seek to eat you. You must collect 10 statues to lift the curse and get out of it as soon as possible with each new launch of the game the location of the statuesContinue Reading

Siege of Avalon Anthology Game Free Download Torrent Siege of Avalon Anthology — is a RPG developed by Digital Tome. The action takes place in a fantasy world full of magic. The story, divided into six chapters regularly released by developers, revolves around the eponymous Avalon. Players take on the role of a young man who, in the midst of a 12-year war betweenContinue Reading

Lumote Game Free Download Torrent Lumote is a casual three-dimensional indie platformer with puzzles and riddles in which you have to go to the open spaces of an unusual mystical world and try to free it from the yoke of the local ruler. The events of the game take place in an unusual, mystical world in which two energies rule over everything. There is blue energy,Continue Reading

Tesla Force Game Free Download Torrent Tesla Force — is a sequel to Tesla vs. Lovecraft, a top-down shooter. The game takes us to an alternate reality, the existence of which is threatened by creatures straight from Lovecraft’s horror novels. The game takes place on different maps, each of which is divided into several levels. The world is procedurally generated, so every time we start playing, we haveContinue Reading

The Dark Inside Me Game Free Download Torrent The Dark Inside Me — is a game project in the horror genre, where the fundamental process is precisely in passing quests of varying degrees of difficulty. Here you have to prepare your nerves for a real psychological adventure full of dangers, difficult trials and threats to life. There is also a scenario that is distinguishedContinue Reading

Far Away Train Game Free Download Torrent Far Away Train — is a first-person adventure puzzle game. You wake up in an unfamiliar old-fashioned train, and you are told to follow in the footsteps of the ephemeral life of the abandoned Empress Roxolana, who led the world to collapse with the help of an ancient magical device called the astronomical disk of theContinue Reading

Skinwalker Hunt Game Free Download Torrent Skinwalker Hunt — combines elements of survival horror and a hunting simulator. The passage is non-linear, depending on the player’s choices and actions. The user chooses which way to go, what weapons to use and what to explore. Basically, the gamer will need to study the environment, fight enemies and come up withContinue Reading

Lost Epic Game Free Download Torrent Lost Epic — is a 2D side-scrolling game where you have to explore a fantasy world and fight. The game is an action-RPG and tells about the war of gods and people. Players will take on the role of the Slayer of the Gods, travel the world of Sanctum and try to destroy the Pantheon of Six.Continue Reading

Astalon Tears of the Earth Game Free Download Torrent Astalon Tears Of The Earth — is an exciting action platformer, the events of which unfold in a ruined world. Life there is cruel, but through death you can win. Three research heroes travel through the post-apocalyptic desert to end the suffering of fellow villagers. They discovered a strange dark tower thatContinue Reading

Desolate Roads Game Free Download Torrent Desolate Roads — ​​​​is a new horror adventure game where all the action takes place in a first-person perspective. According to the storyline, which is short enough, you, as the main character, start the game in your car and by chance coincidence, you run out of fuel in the middle of the wilderness, where thereContinue Reading

Protoplasm Mutiny Game Free Download Torrent Protoplasm Mutiny — third-person shooter, including mutant creatures, not counting blood, amputated limbs, disgusting creatures and other uncomfortable content. After the outbreak of the fungal gui virus, the character in the game established a base in the mountains, where he later adopted, manufactured and transformed the population. A large numberContinue Reading

Dying Light Hellraid Game Free Download Torrent Dying Light Hellraid — studio Techland once worked on the demonic action movie Hellraid, but circumstances turned out in such a way that the project was never destined to see the light of day. But the Poles did not bury their work in the table, but used the bestContinue Reading

Ancient Abyss Game Free Download Torrent Ancient Abyss — is an adventure game project developed in the roguelike genre, where we are invited to go to the vastness of a colorful world to cope with the challenges that it has prepared for us. Events send the player into an intricate randomly generated maze, in which the main character must solve mysteries and find answersContinue Reading

Slipways Game Free Download Torrent Slipways — a space 4X strategy with puzzle elements, in which you have to unite the isolated planets into a huge trading empire. This game takes the genre of space grand strategy and concentrates its best parts, discarding all the micromanagement and the steep learning curve. The result is a game in whichContinue Reading

Strangeland Game Free Download Torrent Strangeland — is an atmospheric point and click side-scrolling adventure set in a sci-fi setting from the creators of Primordia. The events of the game will tell the story of a hero who finds himself in a gloomy amusement park. You have to help him get out of this madness and meet strange and amazing characters alongContinue Reading

Blade Assault Game Free Download Torrent Blade Assault — is a 2D action platformer that combines fast-paced gameplay with beautifully executed pixel art. Events send us to the vastness of a desolate, sci-fi world, where we will face a considerable number of all kinds of obstacles. The plot tells about the existence of a corrupt army that is engaged in insidious deeds and constantly crossesContinue Reading

Viscerafest Game Free Download Torrent Viscerafest — is a sci-fi shooter set in the year 3796. Retro style pixel art and hand-crafted levels await you. The main character is the insane mercenary Caroline. The girl clearly lacks the instinct of self-preservation, as she takes on the most delusional tasks. And all this in order to earn money for a good engagementContinue Reading